Monday, February 4, 2008

65, 18, 285, Hike

Random Bullet Monday
  • It is supposed to be 65 degrees starting tomorrow for 2 or 3 days. I am quite happy with that forecast. Yesterday it was in the mid-50's and I enjoyed my flip flops!
  • Molly was 18 months yesterday. I am in complete denial. How does time fast forward like that? Where is my baby?
  • I got gas yesterday and it was only 2.85, that is awesome - and so weird that I think THAT is a great price.
  • OMG that football games was freaking awesome. We were at Doug's Brothers and we let Aubrey stay up for the game and she had a very fun time! We were all going CRAZY!
  • Did anyone else think the commercials totally sucked? Or were like, what the hell is that for?
  • Tommy Petty totally rocked the house, did he rock yours? I need to go find that album! n Somewhere I know it is in our vast iTunes database.

Without exaggeration, I have 8 meetings today. Fun for me. But tomorrow I have the day off... to nap and catch up on my life. Very exciting.


Mommy said...

There were a few funny commercials - but they were definately over-rated. I liked the clydesdale in training with the Rocky theme music.

Sunshine said...

I agree. There were hardly any particularly memorable commercials.

And, I don't know how to link in comments, I should but I don't. Anyway, a friend IRL works in TV and so does her hubby,he is one of the people responsible for the half time show every year. I'll email you her blog, she has some photos.

Sarcasta-Mom said...

Gas for $2.85??? No way! It's still $3.05 here, and I've been thinking that's pretty cheap. lol.

Where does the time go indeed? They get so big, so fast.

Jessica said...

I hate 8-meeting days..thankfully they don't come along too often, and even better that you have a day off to look forward to tomorrow@

Unknown said...

I was going to say that tomorrow still sounds like the better day!

rebekca said...

O.k., I read your blog earlier. But I just came back and re-read the post title.

And I laughed. At the 285.

emily said...

Wait, are you saying that people come and read my blog and DON'T let me know they have come? WTF? That ain't right.

And which part of the 285 made you laugh?

Kelly said...

Love the post title. Very clever.

Great day to have the day off--when it will be 65 degrees.

I like the lizards dancing to Thriller. And all the animals screaming when the car was about to hit the squirrel. Doesn't take much to amuse me.

rebekca said...

Oh, definitely.

I visit often, because you crack me up. And the part of the 285 that cracked me up, was...uh...

the two hundred and eighty five. because I could sooooo picture a quarterback yelling that HUGE number out. in a girl's mind.

but, for your peace of mind..I did ask my husband if a quarterback would actually yell out a number that big. and he went into this whole," one hut, two hut, last numbers are what the plays are."

and then I didn't hear much.

because I started to think about whether or not I had put deodorant on this morning, and why in the heck I thought I could enter football conversation grounds with my husband.

but I still laughed. really loud and hard.


InTheFastLane said...

With all the kids running around at our superbowl party, including a naked one (my youngest decided he was hot), I don't think I even saw any commercials. Sad sad story.

rebekca said...

WOO HOO! we did it!

Hope the night is just starting for you! Have a great time!