Sunday, February 3, 2008

Pazo-tively Fun

Last night we headed out with our "new" friends, sans kids - the first get together with just the adults.

It is Baltimore Restaurant Week and we made reservations at Pazo WEEKS ago. The place was beautiful. The Sangrata (their twist on sangria) was perfect. The food was delicious and we were all yawning at 9:30 pm. We hit the Gelato Factory up north afterwards and had a nice time.

They are VERY good people. And I think I have convinced her to start blogging. So I will keep you posted and introduce her when she gets going. They do amazing things for their church, their community, and everyone they come across. I have mentioned them a couple times here and here and here and here and where it all started here.

Ok, doing a quick search made me realize we have seen them a lot more than I thought... but in a good way.

Anywho. It is Sunday, need to cook my Superbowl Dish, finish laundry, head to WoolWorks Superbowl Sale with LA, and head to the party! FUN DAY!


Unknown said...

Sounds like an AWESOME night!! Glad you have fun. Have a great day today as well.

Mommy said... after looking back at the bathroom project, do you at least use it now - or do you go ALL the way upstairs still??
Sounds like a good night - I've enjoyed Pazo before...YUM