Monday, February 11, 2008

Not So Bad. Maybe?!?

Forecast for home includes snow and freezing rain and temperatues not above 36 all week.

Forecast for Florida includes some rain but mainly sun and 75 degrees.

That can't be bad, right?

Working from home today, getting packed, looking over marketing data, stuff like that. Anyone have any tips on the best way to pack fancy dress pants so they don't wrinkle?

Shoe Update:
My sister brought me a pair of her mary jane Dansko's that fit great so I am borrowing them. I also picked up a pair of pretty black Aersole Wedge Sandles at the mall on Saturday. YAY :)

Blog Clarification:
Blogger is still powering my blog. But I bought the domain name "thewhitehallcraigs", so blog will automagically send you there and publish my content there. Really, no changes - but people who have blogger blocked MAY be able to see content at Really, no big deal. But fun for me and that is all that counts.


Mommy said...

Fancy pants...PLASTIC helps with wrinkles and I've been told rolling them...but I usuall pack them ON TOP of everything else with plastic around from your dry cleaning! GOOD LUCK!
And I am JEALOUS of the warm weather you will be feeling (however brief)!!

Jessica said...

Also vote for rolling the pants to minimize some warm weather in FL for me--headed down there on Saturday!

Sunshine said...

Buy yourself a $10 steamer and steam your pants. Easiest thing in the world to pack and totally worth it.

And, going to Florida during this weather??? You are a brat. Seriously.

Pack me, I'm already wrinkled!

InTheFastLane said...

Florida! So, so jealous. Even if it is for business. My in-laws are laving me for a week and a half for Florida as well. Jerks! All of you!