Monday, February 25, 2008

What Will You Be? I Don't Know.

As we snuggled up in bed this evening, my Aubrey Girl and I were face to face under her covers with all her animals around us. I asked the following:

M: Aubrey what do you want to be when you grow up?
A: without hesitating Well, I am going to be a super-hero with a blue cape and a big A and a mask with a stripe that I make all by myself and have soap to soap the world. Mommy what will you be when you grow up?
M: I think I will be Aubrey's Mommy
A: No you have to be an animal. I will be a mermenaid*, daddy will be a whale who will catch the mermenaids to take care of them and then catch them again. And mommy you can be a dolphin, no I am a dolphin, no you are a unicorn and I am a dolphin and whales don't catch dolphinds, just the mermenaids.

*read mermenaid like a cross between lemonade and mermaid.

And Ms. Molly once again blows me away. She likes to take her shoes off in the car. When we got home from school tonight she only had one shoe and I didn't see the other one. I said, "Molly where is your shoe". She said, "I don't know". I did a complete double take and asked her again and she said, "I don't know".

Later in the evening I ask her where her milk was, "I don't know". Crazy kid.


Jessica said...

Eric is also obsessed with removing one shoe. At home, in the car, at daycare. Between his shoes and Evan pulling on his socks, I'm hoping for barefoot weather soon!!

Mommy said... kid throws a fit when you take off his shoes! Maybe yours are "normal" and mine is not?!

Unknown said...

Love the mermenaid! I love how the stories are all dis-jointed and all over the place. I'm impressed my your memory of that conversation. I think Molly is hilarious - I don't know much either Moo! You already got the right answers!

anne watson said...

I would love it if Aubrey would grow up to be a superhero and soap the world. :)

Anonymous said...

I remembered the word that Olivia used to mispronounce: pancakes. She used to say "puh-nan-cakes" and "puh-nano" (piano).

Mommy said...

Tommy has a friend at school named Phillip...he calls him Lip-Up. CONSTANTLY. "Lip-Up Crying, Mommy. Lip-Up Crying, Mommy." (Apparantly, Lip-up cries A LOT)

rebekca said...

I'm envisioning mermanaid as a sonic strawberry limeade or something


Dear sweet Aubrey,

Please, please soap the world.