Sunday, February 17, 2008

Real Live Post

Hi guys! I made it home around 10pm last night. All posts from last week were pre-recorded and in edit mode so all I had to do was hit PUBLISH in the morning... which was good since we had ZERO web connectivity all week... other than my phone.

Yes, a week without my family, my email, my work email, blogging, news, weather, knitting, sleep, or any real food.

The FIRST thing Aubrey said to me when she saw me this morning "I miss you mommy" and the second, "Can I wear my Christmas Dress". Yup, I am home.

Molly is talking, crazy stuff. She says Aubrey perfectly, she says Mommy perfectly, she grew about a foot - no way that big girl is MY baby?!?!

Doug and his mom have the house in amazing order. The family room is all fancy again. The curtains are all up and hemmed. Doug did LAUNDRY and PUT IT ALL away! He switched out toys and re organized everything, he grocery shopped, he cleaned rooms and put clothes away. It is wonderful. He is wonderful. The kids are wonderful.


So yeah, sorry, yesterday's video was from a week ago...

Hope to catch up more soon!


InTheFastLane said...

They cleaned and organized while you were gone?! Maybe you should go away more often.

Sarcasta-Mom said...

Welcome home! Absence truely makes the heart grow fonder :)

Mommy said...

Can I borrow Doug? My husband didn't even RINSE off his breakfast dishes - he left the cheese out ALL day - and his coffee mug was still sitting on the table where it was when I left this morning...ARGH

anne watson said...

Welcome Home!! :)