Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dude, Where's My Post?

So the post I did last night apparently "disappeared" and when I say "disappeared" I mean I probably had a ID.10.T error.

I have been starting to use labels and assign them out and it wasn't intuititve to me, that when I checked something, made a change, it didn't get UNchecked when I saved the change. So I believe I may have inadvertenly removed what I wrote yesterday which was basically a cry baby session... by doing a lot of clicking, checking, and unchecking.

So yesterday I mentioned the following:
1) I start a new job on 3/10 and I am scared/excited/nervous/ etc.
2) I am having a family dinner at my house on Sunday.
3) I am going to a painting party on Saturday
4) Some people are buttheads and aren't really "speaking" to me or so it seems to me (at my current job).

Anywho... Hi! Lots of pictures because I was camera happy on Sunday :) More later today.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how childish certain people can be. It's astonishing, really. When I quit to start my farm/coffee shop/bike shop/anarchist coop, I'm gonna MAKE people talk to me, even if they don't want to anymore.

Jessica said...

A painting party?

rebekca said...

That post title had me cracking up!

Unknown said...

Jessica: I'm the one hosting the painting party. Someone graciously said they would help (I'm sure she is thinking "Now, Why TH did I open my mouth"), your welcome to help - tee hee. We are doing the living room and dining room.