Friday, February 1, 2008

All I Did. All I Have Ever Done...

... is in the best interest of this blog.

And that is why I sat and watched the Lost Recap and then the Lost New Episode - my first experience with Lost and it was not to be lost. And it will not be the Last of the Lost in my world.

WOW, that is some crazy shit (the show not the above sentence).

Anywho... ice has moved in and our ZONE is closed while the rest of the county is on a 2 hour delay. Our driveway is a solid sheet of ice and it is pouring rain so we will be "stuck" here for a few hours.

I have stories, pictures, videos, links for you... but I am a tad too lazy to put that all together right this minute. So ha, I bet you are totally bummed you stopped in to say hi.

Sometimes Playhouse Disney is my personal hero. This morning the girls got up early and I wanted to say hello so... a half hour never hurt anyone right? Well, except that Molly doesn't pay any attention to the TV, me, anything really. She likes to spend her time precariously perched on the bay window sill pulling on the death trap cords (blinds). But if you tell her NO or move her, she throws her self on the ground and INJURES herself in the midst of her tantrum. So in order to protect her I put her in a position where I know she will get hurt... ahhh being a mom totally freaking ROCKS.

WOW, that is some crazy stuff (the sentence, not the actual goings on).


Erica said...

You're funny! I love you!

Mommy said...

I thought about you when I heard of the "Hereford Zone" today...At least you didn't have to rush out of the house!

Jessica said...

We just have a downpour of rain here, but schools still opened 2 hours late. Our daycare's on time, but Ethan didn't look like he was getting out of bed anytime soon, so Playhouse Disney is also his hero this morning :-)

InTheFastLane said...

I am a Lost addict, from the beginning. I am glad it is back and hopefully there will be some answers soon.

Jenny said...

only half and hour?!

Anyway, I'm excited about Lost in a way. In another way I'm not so looking forward to another season of boggy confusion and mystery and the weird dreams that accompany the watching of that show.