Monday, October 1, 2007

30th Birthday and the O's.

Saturday night Doug and I met up with friends to celebreate Jess's 30th birthday. We had a fantastic time! I have never been asked to get out of the stadium, but it happened twice Saturday night. The 10 of us were enjoying chatting and the game was over so they politely asked us to move it.

Thank you for the introduction to Chex Mix Chocolate Turtle. That was yummy - as were the beers!

The game was really good - except there were more Yankee fans than O's fans and you had to remember to NOT cheer with the crowd. And I could have done with out the neverending 4th inning.

I was reminded - repeatedly - that we had not seen Jess and Ethan for 2 years. How does that happen?!?!

Birthday Girl

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Jessica said...

I love the beer picture...although I have to keep denying that I drank all that by myself ;-)