Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mom Question and Sick Baby

Wednesday evenings I take Aubrey to a half hour swim class. There are 4 kids that are aged 3-4. Aubrey is the youngest. Ms. Megan is the teacher. Ms. Megan's #1 Rule is "Bottoms on the Bench" and she reinforces this rule at the beginning of class and throughout the class so that when she is working with one kid the other kids are safe. The bench is IN the pool and the perfect height for the kids to be sitting in the water.

My daughter sits and listens and does exactly what Ms. Megan says. There is one child that does not listen and the life guard has had to pluck her out of the deep water at EVERY SINGLE CLASS. Her mother sits and chats with her nanny during the class. Ms. Megan is CONSTANTLY telling this child to "sit down, stop splashing, stop jumping, please listen..." The other 2 kids are twins and are in the middle so to speak.

Yesterday's class was ridiculous. That one child was OUT OF CONTROL and her mother and her nanny sitting 5 feet away did NOTHING, paid ZERO attention. Aubrey kept looking at me and I used hand motions to tell her to turn and face front - and she did.

I even started reinforcing what a good listener Aubrey was - trying to help Ms. Megan out but to no avail, these woman ignored everything going on.

So here is my mom question - Am I crazy? Should this woman have seen what a distraction and horrible listener her kid was and intervened OR is it up to the teacher to deal with it? Should I just ignore the situation and next time do private lessons? Or do I just expect too much from the world around me?

Update: I wanted to make sure I made everyone aware that AFTER the swim lesson and for the rest of the night Aubrey did not listen to me ONCE. She was a "3yo I do it myself monster"
after her lesson. But she was PERFECT in that half hour...
My Molly had a slight fever last night and was extra cuddly. This morning it was 100.6 - nothing drastic but just high enough she can't go to school. She is acting fine, a little more cuddly still and some yucky diapers. Hubby has some major work he has to get done today so I am at home.

I am enjoying this time with my Moose. She doesn't usualy give kisses spontaneously- except when she isn't feeling 100%. So last night and today she is initiating HUGE sloppy kisses - and how can I turn that down???

Update: Molly is sick. She is a "Mommy needs to hold me, fall apart easily, giving kisses, no not daddy, give me mommy" baby

So in a few days when I am sick, you know why...


Mommy said...

I think a few things....1) you DO expect too much from the world (but thats OK because your kids are well behaved because of it) 2) that mother and her NANNY?! would think that she's paying the Nanny and maybe one of them would do something and 3)you are going to find kids like this wherever you go for the rest of your child's life (believe me - I see them in school!)
And....enjoy your cold! he he he - how can you resist the spontaneous kisses??? I know I can't!

Rollingthunder said...

I am not a Mom but I think Aubrey handled the situation great! Maybe she learned that no matter what the distraction, we expect a certain behavior from her, as we are her parents.