Wednesday, October 3, 2007

RIP Dude 10/5/01 - 9/30/07

Mungo (aka Dude) passed away on Sunday. He and his brother Teazer were the start of our family in December of 01. For Christmas Doug was getting me a kitten. When we went to meet the litter, a little guy came up and starting playing with my pants and I was in love - Teazer. In the back of the room I look up and there is Doug holding a tiny ball of fluff, in the palm of his hand. That little guy weighed less than a pound and was very sweet.

We ended up bringing them both home a couple weeks later.

We love those kitties! We did send them to live with a friend when I was pregnant with Molly. We could not give them all the attention and time they deserved. I believe the last year and half has been wonderful for them and I know they have had wonderful care and love.

Dude was very personable. He wanted to be with people all the time. He had the most beautiful coat and was generally a wonderful kitten!

One of my favorite memories of him is how he would sit on the coffee table and Max would stand in front of him and Dude would lick his face.


Rollingthunder said...

The Dude abides...

We will miss you Dude.

Mommy said...

Oh-No - What is Teaser going to do without the Dude?!

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet kitty!! I know that Dude was loved by you and his last family.