Monday, October 29, 2007

Fire And Ice

Ahhhhh Monday.

So this morning we wake up to FROST on the cars. FROST. Wasn't it 80 degrees last week???

Then I hit the gym before work and the hair dryer CAUGHT ON FIRE and sparked my robe. I have a small burn mark on my arm. Seriously?!?!

I should have just stayed in bed.


rebekca said...

W H A T??@%!!$???

I just recently bought my first hair dryer since middle school, and now I'm thinking it wasn't such a smart move to spend a whopping $9.49 on it...

(love the post title, by the way)

Kelly said...

But hey~~you made it to the gym!! Good for you!

Mommy said...

At least you're not covered in POX!!