Friday, October 12, 2007

Literal Translation

My daughter, Aubrey, has a habit when sitting in her carseat. It involves her finger and her nose, let's leave it at "that".

I have tried to stop this habit, but as I am driving it is hard to come up with threats that I can immediately carry out.

Earlier this week, as I caught Aubrey doing the aforementioned act, I said, "Aubrey if I see you do "that" again I will take one of your gibitz". I have no idea where this inspiration came from, it just came out of my mouth without thought.

IT WORKED, the rest of the ride home there was none of "that".

Tonight as we were getting ready to leave LA's. Aubrey was using her purple jacket as a "purple ghost" costume. So in the car when she put the coat over her face I pretended she was a ghost and then I pretended I couldn't find her and I was looking everywhere and calling for her. Molly was laughing and Aubrey was strangely quite.

When we turned on to our road, Aubrey took the coat off her face and said to me, "Mamma, I was not a ghost, I was covering my face so you couldn't SEE me picking my nose".

I said sternly, "Aubrey, what did I say about that"

Aubrey said, "If you see me pick my nose you take my gibitz... but you couldn't see me" AND SHE GIGGLED...

Ummmm, seriously?!?!


Mommy said...

Isn't she a little young to be SO smart?!

Kelly said...

David and I are laughing at that story!!! That is great!

FYI--Reagan has recently started "that", too. Ugh.