Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend What Not

Best Night Ever...
Driving home from work on Friday, we had fajitas planned for dinner but it was totally miserable. Gray, Raining, Chilly. I made a detour to Wegmans and picked up Buttermilk, Heavy Cream, and Strawberries. That could only mean...

Homemade Buttermilk Pancakes (IHop Recipe), homemade whipped cream, bacon, and strawberries for dinner. It was PERFECT!

Molly got her first "shot" of whipped cream in the mouth and didn't love it :) The shot that is, not the whipped cream itself. Aubrey was a little birdie asking for more.
And Aubrey and I played in the rain!

Followed by a Very Fun Day...

Our plans changed regarding Boo at the Zoo due to a number of events including rain.
But Ali, my blogging beam buddy, did come over with her family.
It took Regan a bit to warm up to the Craig's. But once she did we had a very delightful time. Aubrey and Regan played great together. We baked cookies, we played outside, we had lunch, we played toys... we made silly faces.
I don't know why I try to write it when a pictures tell it all.

singing and dancing girls

Pretty SmilesShe is the cutest thing! And so happy!!!
"Oh, Daddy, you are silly" I swear that is what Regan's face says!

Outdoor Fun

And all of that fun was followed by nap time and then we headed to Target. Doug picked out a great shower curtain and stuff for the downstairs bath. Today the goal is to prime it... we shall see how that pans out.

And tonight, Erica and Arley are coming for dinner!

**Updated Sunday at 7:45 pm**

I primed the downstairs bath! Nana B, Aunt Erica, and Arley came for dinner and it was GOOD!


Unknown said...

Regan is so excited to see her pictures here! Check out our blog-of course the one video is jacked but what can i say - it is there. Keep trying if you don't succeed the 1st time!

Mommy said...

I am SO bummed I missed out on the fun!! Can Tommy and I come play at your house sometime soon???

Jessica said...

We do Sunday morning choc chip pancakes in our house, complete w/whipped cream and chocolate sauce (hey, what better time to get kids wound up on sugar?). Eric refuses to eat the pancake and just scrapes off and eats all the whipped cream...I'll have to try the shot next weekend!

Jenny said...

what fun! the girls look beautiful!