Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Random Hump Day Musings

Hello Dear Blog Readers!

I appreciate the time you take to say hello to me here and see what our family has been doing.

I wanted to clarify a couple of points and then had some random thoughts.
1) Why is there toilet paper on the picture of me in the family room with the wedding dress? That is because my husband had a cold and you could find those in every room as we didn't have that many boxes of kleenex.
2) Aubrey's fascination does stem from our trips to Maine and she LOVES "smoke snacks". So in her estimation nothing is better than New Jersey and we should always be in New Jersey to see the "smokes snacks".
3) I believe that my work hinders the uploading of photos but I will be testing that theory later today.
4) Pushing Daisies really is a good show. It is interesting, beautifully done and different.
5) I want one of these shirts:
6) Were you aware how close to Christmas we are?!?!
7) I just found out I have 60 hours of vacation left for the year and am BEYOND thrilled about that. Taking off Christmas and a couple days over Thanksgiving! WOO HOO.
8) I ran 3 miles in under 40 minutes yesterday - hit my personal goal in that area
9) Now I am just doing filler (OK that started at like 6 when 10 seemed like such a great number)
10) There is no way we would ever have pet hens and roosters or possums. I just can't do it.

Happy Hump Day Everyone!


Mommy said...

You are quite the funny girl. And HOW MUCH VACATION TIME DO YOU GET?!?! I think Pushing Daisies is very Tim Burton-ey (made up word) but I also like it!

emily said...

I totally agree with Tim Burton-ey and almost described it as a more colorful "edward scissorhands"...

Not that much vacation :)I mean I don't get the whole summer... spring break, christmas break, New Cardinal, new Pope, etc.

Mommy said... are funny. But I'm pretty sure you make WAY MORE money than I do!!

Jenny said...

What a great post :-)

rebekca said...

Oh, Em.

If we lived in the same town we'd be such good friends. I love that the blog world introduced me to such a quirky, confident woman.

But I'll still give you crap about the toilet paper in the background of your picture of you in your wedding dress!

I feel like I have this new "friendship" with some of ya'll out there that would have never happened without the blog.

So, thanks Megan. And thanks Jen!

Anonymous said...

no worries about the toilet paper on the couch, em. since seeing the picture, I've decided to MAKE a new couch constructed solely from toilet paper. I was going to use Scott brand for it's strength and economical nature, but I think Angel Soft is a better choice. comfort is king...