Thursday, October 25, 2007

March Vacation

I am very excited! The Craig Family (all 14 members) is going on a vacation together to a beautiful place in Florda in March.

I am already making a list of questions about what to bring :) Like do I need the double stroller or the Sit and Stand stroller or just the backpacks to carry both kids? Do I need to bring 2 car seats or just one and move Aubrey to the booster at the point? How will I manage Molly's milk allergy while in a hotel for 6 days? Do I try to hit a grocery store and keep a cooler? Do places have soy milk available? Do I pack snacks or buy them there? It goes on and on - but are all positive very excited to go type questions :)

I guess I have a few months to put the plan in place.

The reason for the trip is to celebrate Doug's Parents 50th wedding anniversary. Completely Amazing!

Did I mention I am excited?!?!


Mommy said...

Most places carry soy milk...believe me - I know! It shouldn't be hard to find - or keep in a small cooler.
HAVE FUN. I am jealous...and did it say that Doug's parents have been married for 50 years?! My God that is AMAZING!! On a side note...How old is Betty? She doesn't look old enough to be married for 50 years!

Jessica said...

And that is why we drove to Florida this summer, so we could take whatever crap we desired :-) Buy there, see if the hotel can put a little fridge in your room. If you fly, borrow a sit 'n stroll (carseat/stroller)--we have one if you need it.

Scott Sieper said...

Definitley the sit and stroller and the booster and car seat. I like the borrow the sit'n stroll they are very cool. I just could not justify purchasing one due to how quickly Cole will be out of the standard size car seat. We just got back from Myrtle Beach and the hard thing is carrying the car seat along with all the other stuff (even as a team). The idea of the renting a fridge is great. Nice looking place.

rebekca said...

That place looks amazing! I'd be pretty excited too.

Hope your shopping spree includes a snazzy new suit to sport on that beach!