Thursday, October 4, 2007

Silly Girl

This summer I told Aubrey that fog was the clouds coming to give her a morning kiss. Today on the way to her 3 year checkup:

Aubrey said, "It's foggy, mamma".
And I said, "Yes, the clouds have come to give you a morning kiss."
To which Aubrey replied, "Clouds don't have a mouth"
I believe she was secretly rolling her eyes and saying DUH.

She did great at her check up, even through her flu shot. And the doc says she is perfect, to which I was secretly rolling my eyes and saying DUH!

Tonight she was a "tad" wound up and I grabbed my phone to capture this:

Note 1: Aubrey is naked because she was having trouble deciding on which dress to put on
Note 2: The video isn't long, but stay to the end because she has the cutest smile at the end
Note 3: She is saying "I'm Getting Hungry" over and over and over - which is what she does all day everyday lately. The child is eating us out of house and home
Note 4: I didn't make it to the rally because I am a dork and wouldn't go by myself.


Mommy said...

I like how you can see Doug's foot and he seems to be just watching TV while Aubrey is being a 3 year old!

Jenny said...

That is a great smile :-) I do love 3 (most of the time, that is...)