Monday, October 8, 2007

Honey Harvest at Oregon Ridge

Aubrey jumping up and down so I had a tough time getting a pic of her sister...
My family!

Based on a friend's blog we went to the Honey Harvest on Sunday. Aubrey got to pet a hen and a rooster. We learned how to tell the difference between the two. Apparently a rooster has a bigger cone (the thing on the head) and more elaborate tail feathers. The biggest indicator is that rooster has spurs on their heels. Even to the trained eye, we learned, it is not always easy to tell the difference.

Aubrey also got to pet a sheep and see a working bee hive, a blacksmith, and how apple cider is made. Molly hung out in the stroller.

We aslo enjoyed a puppet show about "pollinization". A couple of hot dogs and we were out of there.


Jessica said...

when I first read this, I thought it said Aubrey got a pet hen and rooster!! I really need to get my eyes checked :-)

Rollingthunder said...

Aubrey also petted a Possum. I have never seen any place allow a sharp clawed possum to be petted, pretty cool.