Monday, October 29, 2007

National Blog Posting Month

I am going to partcipate in the National Blog Posting Month challenge for the month of November.

I am going to do my "Normal" blog posts and attempt to write one silly poem every day.

Why, Why, Why, you ask?

Well, because I am always making silly rhymes and songs for my girls and thought I should try to write some of them down.

Odds that I actually do this EVERY SINGLE DAY?!?! Low... but hey I am trying. You should try it too. You should, you know you want to - and I don't mean the poem thing, I mean the blog a day thing. Yeah, you should totally do it... DO IT I SAY!

And there are rules. No one is allowed to comment on the absurdidty of the "poems". Only POSITIVE reinforcement is allowed.

***Template Update***
I like pink.
It's a great color
don't cha think?

I made a change
It might feel strange

I like pink


Jessica said...

there once was a girl from Nantucket...

emily said...

her friends she told to suck it.

Jessica said...

that was good rhyming...I'm practicing my positive reinforcement :-)

Mommy said...

I LOVE the pink.
I can't write what I am thinking rhymes...its too innapropriate!

Kelly said...

It really is a great color, that pink.
I don't know why people make such a stink...

Little do they know
the power that goes

With women who love to THINK PINK.

Ok, I suck at the poetry. What is even worse is that I am going to go ahead a post this comment for all to see. But hey! It was my first attempt at rhyming (on purpose) since I was in elementary school, I think.

emily said...

Kelly - That was awesome :)

Lydia - email me because I can't think of anything in approriate that rhymes with pink and it is driving me crazy.

Jess- Thanks, good job!

Jessica said...

pink, think, link, stink, rink, sink, kink, mink, zinc...I got nothing inappropriate, so email me lydia's thought too...I think the chicken pox might be making her a little crazy ;-)

OH! Hmmm...yeah, that would be inappropriate

Mommy said...

I was thinking of something that rhymed with Nantucket....

rebekca said...

I have a pink seahorse -wait, that's Aubrey...

I did just get a pink phone that would go nicely with your new layout, seeing how my girlfriend's won't let me live down the fact that it looks like Matel made it

oh, and:
there once was a girl from Nantucket

her friends she told to suck it.

oh, what did she mean?

that nice gal named deam

and just how "x-rated" is this sonnet?

Unknown said...

Sweet Rebekca!! Go girl!

Mommy said...

I don't think changing your template or poem counts as a NEW Blog!

Rollingthunder said...

I thought there was only a young man from Nantucket who was well endowed?

Speaking of Pink, well, let's just say I am glad fabrics don't bleed in the wash much any more cause I would have all pink clothes.