Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sanna's Fair

We had an opportunity on the 14th of October to visit our friends at their farm. They have 2 horses and a pony and chickens. Sanna is Aubrey's age and they are "best friends". They had lots of fun feeding the chickens and hanging out and riding Speedy.

Lena and I took a 2 hour horse ride and the guys did Fun Dad stuff - I don't even want to know everything they did with the 4 kids and a mattress in the front yard.

We had a great dinner and a great time with great people! We hope we are invited back soon :)

Aubrey's only other "real" experience with touching that many different animals was at the State Fair. So as we left our friends house Aubrey asked, "Can I please play at Sanna's Fair again tomorrow?" Very cute.

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