Wednesday, November 7, 2007


1) Happy Birthday to my Brother In Law - ROY!
2) Lydia is posting daily about life with a small boy, oh and Tommy too LOL
3) Molly was up a LOT with a very stuffed up nose - I didn't have to go in a lot but listened intently a lot
4) Molly was up crying at 4:30am. I went in and loved on her, gave her some motrin (fever from the shots), and changed her diaper, and sang my fall back go to sleep song:

I love you, I love you, I love yoooooouuu
I love you, I love you, I do
I love you, I love you, I love yooouuuu
I love you, my Molly Moo Moo

Repeat as needed until their is quiet
5) I came downstairs after my Molly love and am making coffee and going through my blog roll on Google Reader... I loved having 12 new posts to read.
6) My awesome husband put together the new armoire for the computer last night. It literally had 1000 pieces - and even put both computers in it! YAY HONEY< thank you!
7) I need to get coffee, upload pictures, and shower so SEE YA LATER!


Jessica said...

You are up very early this morning...good for you though! Sorry Molly has a stuffy nose; 'tis the season for it I guess. Next stop--ear infections!!

Mommy said...

Sometimes its good to be up early...I was up at 5 - It was nice to take a LONG shower!

Mommy said...

I just got it....a little boy - and Tommy, too! HA. You're funny.

emily said...

You guys are cracking me up.

Knock on wood and I should not say this out loud... Molly has NEVER had an ear infection.

rebekca said...

Are you saying that you have been up since 4:30 am???

Oh, my. I only made it to bed at 1:15, and that's because I was trying to get in bed early!


And I love the Molly song :)