Sunday, November 4, 2007


What a busy weekend! We had a wedding Friday night, Saturday I dropped Aubrey at dance class and headed to Arundel Mills for our annual Christmas Shopping day with my mom and sister.

We had a really fun time! We hit Anne Taylor Loft first and found everything we needed! Erica and I each got a dress, 2 shirts and Erica got pants! I love coupons :) And mom paying...

Lunch was WONDERFUL! We went to DuClaws (sp?) and started with the beer sampler, cocnut shrimp and then ordered the first 3 sandwiches on the menu to share. I figured the beer sampler would be 4-6 small beers - it was 9 medium beers. Yeah, we didn't finish it.

Doug's day was not as good... girls refused naps and were generally grumpy all day for him. The computer armoire he has been wanting to put together arrived in one box - it was supposed to be 2 boxes so he got everything unloaded and didn't have what he needed and was slightly perturbed.

One of my Molly Songs...

I love you Molly
oh, yes I do
I love you Molly
what can I do

You are my darling
So dear....
My Molly
this you should hear

You are quite clever
it's true
You are a sweetie
your kisses true-ue

You are my Molly
My Dear
I love you Molly
Oh, this is clear

You are my Molly
Oh yes you are -re
You are my Molly
and you'll go far

I love you Molly
It's true
Oh, my Molly
I love you


Unknown said...

Very sweet song! Sorry the shipment didn't all make it at one time (I hate that). I'm totally feeling you on the busy weekend front!

Mommy said...

I hate it when that stuff happens....SO frustrating!
And when aren't weekends busy?!

rebekca said...

I'm hoping your soundtrack comes out soon...

Mommy said...

Your Christmas countdown is FREAKING ME OUT!!