Saturday, November 10, 2007

Craig Crafts Candid Camera

Saying I am not good at crafts is like saying 3 years old kinda like to be independent.

But a few weeks ago I saw this... and thought, well Aubrey and I can do that. And we did, and it was fun.

But then Aubrey saw all the supplies I have been hiding for YEARS. And today she asked to make a kitty cat. YES this is a kitty cat. I am not proud - but we had fun.

Aubrey had swim class and dance class Saturday morning and when we got home, we had a family level melt down. Low grade fevers, green runny noses, major coughing that turned into "gagging"... and not by one child, or even two children, but by husband and both children.

The picture I have been trying to get for YEARS... this is how we often see Max.


And don't let the smiles fool you... these are not fun children.

Jungle Book

My new fireplace area... rug and chaise courtesy of Sam's Club....

YAY! No more plastic jail.


Unknown said...

The house looks amazing Em! Just in the 2 short weeks since we were there. (Don't you dare take that the wrong way, I love the lived in feel while we were there, I felt right at home!)

rebekca said...

I like Max already!

You look great in your candid shot. :)

And I see the cat. Totally. Once I think cat-cat-cat-cat-cat in my head, and then squint and remove my contacts.

I kid. There are points in the ears. And fluffy balls for furr. That equals cat in my world- and more importantly, I'm sure Aubrey had a wonderful time!

Mommy said...

House looks GOOD. I'm glad to see the UGGS are getting worn! :)
And Max looks WORN OUT, too!