Sunday, November 11, 2007

"I'm Running Out of Energies"

*Thank You Update*
A few weeks at the gym, I was in line with 2 other women to get a smoothie and John, the First Impression Attendant, was touting a new smoothie recipe called the Jarhead. So I asked him about it.

John - Oh, my recipe, in honor of me it is the special this week
Me - Cool, joined the Marines?
John - Yup, and heading to Iraq next week.
Audible Gasps from other 2 women
Me - BIG SMILE and I said Thank you!
John - Wow, you are welcome
Me - Stay safe and we will see you soon. Bye. - Parting Nasty Look to the women behind me.

As a Navy Brat and a liberal democrat there is never a question of thanking those who CHOOSE to serve. Regardless of who our President is, or what we think of current policies, there are people who work for us, for our nation and those people deserve more than a thank you. Today that is all I have to offer but do it without reservation.

This is what Aubrey said to me at 6:30 this morning as daddy was cooking pancakes, I was unloading the dishwasher and she was running everywhere.

Seriously, this waking up at 6am has GOT to stop...

... Especially after being up allllll night listening to children COUGH and ALMOST getting out of bed about 20 times to hold them, and at that minute, with one leg over the edge they would stop and there would be peace for 3 minutes.

On top of that we are in the midst of a battle of wills.

  • Aubrey wants to wear skirts and dresses
  • Mommy and Daddy request that her highness please put something on her legs and in this are ultimately flexible. Pants, Leggings, Stockings - ALL ACCEPTABLE. Color matching NOT required
  • Aubrey has chosen to spend time by herself in her room rather than wear anything on her legs.
  • "Princesses don't wear pants on their legs"
  • She is happy as a clam in her room playing by herself PANTLESS...

This battle has been going on for 2 straight days. AND I WILL WIN.

And while I know this is totally stupid... it is an ongoing saga and I am sorry but in winter time we can not fight every morning for hours over this... so I carry on. I will wary through this and I will win - not only the battles but the WAR.


No biting, No scratching
No grabbing, No pinching
No climbing, No standing
NO jumping, I am not a PLAYGROUND

No pulling, No elbowing
No flipping, No dragging
No standing, No jumping
No riding, Max is not a PLAYGROUND

So Standing, So Jumping
So Flipping, So Flying
So Swinging, So Riding
Go ahead, Daddy is a PLAYGROUND

This is most like an opera...


Jessica said...

I saw a quote by Vince Lombardi in my training class on Thursday, which describes me (and your battle of wills with Aubrey) perfectly...the harder you work, the harder it is to surrender. Who knew I'd ever relate to a football coach?

Don't give up!! And hope the green snotty noses go away soon...I feel your pain though.

Mommy said...

Keep fighting....Mommy's should ALWAYS win. And if LA can get her in pants - you can, too!

Kelly said...

I may have to borrow that song. I just explained to Reagan last week that I am not a playscape. However, Daddy said that Reagan can climb all over him. :)

rebekca said...

First off, Thank YOU.

And secondly, what the heck is your range busting out with opera on us???

I tried to sing it "opera style"- my dog ran away...

Jessica said...

I bet you could pull this one off...don't worry, it's safe to watch at work and/or in front of the kids!

Mommy said...

I always thank people who serve in the military...and seeing them in airports (either going or coming) ALWAYS makes me cry!

Jenny said...

ag can come here - it's been close to 80 the past week!! bare legs are the way to go :-)