Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Purse Part 2

It was suggested that I post a picture of this monstrosity that is my purse. So this morning as I was about to clean it out I took a picture when emptied, when cleaned, when filled and zipped up.

And to clarify - the monstrosity is what was IN IT not the purse itself. The purse itself I have an unnatural attachment to. If I had to choose between dropping a child or this purse I would have to think abuot that and the fact that children heal REALLY fast where as the leather, not so much.

The purse was a gift from my mother and my husband for my birthday. The purse is amazing. The purse is an all season purse, all event purse, always there purse. This purse can carry my laptop if I need to, it has been a diaper bag, lunch bag, a beach bag, a brief case and has been everywhere with me this year and for many many many many many more years to come. I love my purse.

When I am in "compose" mode this lines up perfectly and when I hit preview it does not... the intent was 3 pictures on the left, content on the right. I trust you to give me credit for trying.


Jessica said...

It IS a nice purse...but why are you carrying mini purses inside of the purse?

Mommy said...

In the interest of "saving" your purse from abuse - PLEASE don't use it as a beach bag?! (Being a HUGE collector and lover of good quality purses - leather and saltwater and sand don't mix too well!!)

Unknown said...

Wow, yeah my purse is tiny and I'm shocked at how much I can get in it!!! I have used it as a diaper bag as well though! Great pics though!

Jenny said...

I'm totally laughing, you will play with your children before vacuuming but MAYBE drop them before the purse ;-) You crack me up.
It IS a beautiful purse.

Whenever I get to carry a purse again, it'll be a nice one.

rebekca said...

How's the glassblowing going?

emily said...

OK, so I love when my own posts crack me up - which this did... but then when the comments make me pee my pants, that just makes my day.

J - The "mini purse" has my flylady wallet and my chapstick and receipts and could hold my cell if I wanted to grab it and go.

L - That was only once and was an unexpected thing

A - thanks

J - Um, what's the problem? I think those priorities are lined up :) No Cleaning, Play with Kids, Keep Purse Safe, Kids Safety

R - ROFL, across from my office building is a glass blowing studio. I went by to look at their shop area... and realized I had no idea how expensive stuff was. They were selling a VASE for SEVEN THOUSAND Dollars. 7,000, 7K. YIKES

Kelly said...

I'm laughing too hard to come up with a witty comment.

Yes, you're priorities are perfectly lined up.