Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas Gift Ideas

I thought I would make a list of some of my favorite Christmas Gift Ideas. There are a few I am leaving out that are REALLY good cause well, people that read this are getting them... so you can leave a comment or email me for the goodies.

  • Awesome Arches - got this for the girls
  • Great Blocks - I got these for Molly and a little one at daycare, there is a Large, Medium, and Small set.
  • Great blog about toys - and dress up for boys and girls!
  • Membership to the zoo, aquarium, or children's museum - most of these memberships come with reciprical admission to places in other states so when you go on vacation you can get free admission there!
  • Keep a couple bottles of wine, wine bags, small "beauty" sets with lotions/creams, and maybe 10/15 dollar gift cards to iTunes around for unexpected parties/gift exchanges
  • Did any of your credit cards or debit cards collect points this year that you can redeem for cash, gift certificates or other gifts?
  • Magazines! Maryland Life, Baltimore Magazine, Everyday Food, I think are all great gift ideas.
  • Wine of the Month/Beer of the Month/Fruit of the Month clubs!
  • Golf Balls
  • Nice Wine Opener
  • Popcorn, Popcorn Bowl with Family's Last Name, Wine, Popcorn Popper, Movie or Boardgame
  • Gift Certificates to favorite restaurants and promise of babysitting for your favorite couple with kids!
  • Monogrammed Towels
  • New Release Books
  • Makings for a "themed" martini/mixed drink... glasses, liquor, mixers, recipe book
  • Custom Designed cute shirt
  • Jewelry always works... like this and it's matching necklace or this ring or this one
  • Or an iPod Shuffle :)

What are some of your favorite gifts, given or received??


Mommy said...

One time this girl gave me a pizza stone...I still have it and use it everytime I make pizza!!

Mommy said...

OOOHHHH....COFFEE is always a good little gift!! Buy GOOD coffee and wrap accordingly!

Erica said...

Ummm, yes, coffee is BRILLIANT Lydia! I second the zoo/aquarium membership idea--it's the gift that keeps giving! I also like a good house cleaning, restaurant gift cards, clothes, (Doug, are you reading), and special surprises (like a nice date). Hee hee hee...

Jessica said...

thanks for some, I am STRUGGLING with my list (for me, I know what everyone else is getting)!! And I doubt anyone is going to buy me a new kitchen or a CX-9 :-)

emily said...

Yeah, my list is hard (which is a blessing)... I have asked for a new coat, some clothes :), and then my DREAM gift is a laptop - Apple or Dell. Of course I will take anything in the jewlry department,,, hmmm maybe should add some links for that.

And can you tell Erica's birthday is this week :)

rebekca said...

Alright, I gotta give Em props.

that custom designed t-shirt site is just what I need for my sister-in-law and her daughters...

now, I just need help with the phrasing on their shirts. She's a strong-headed one- so I'm thinking hers should read,

3 kids.
what's your excuse?

does that seem offensive to anyone?

emily said...

YAY! Becky, glad you liked it... I am trying to think of one for me :) I was just thinking deam in all lowercase...

but back to you...

I do not think that is offensive at all! I also like the "kiss my ass ya'll" and hot mama...

What are you going to do for the girls??

Tell Sunshine you found her from me :)