Saturday, November 10, 2007

Early Saturday Morning

I was awarded my first button today :) Below is the how it was awarded, and if you click on the button you can see this is a funny lady in Iowa.

"Here is the button I awarded everybody who, while reading my blog, is somehow
capable of turning oxygen into carbon dioxide. Way to go, you are a superior
human being in pretty much every way. If the code doesn't work because I've been
copying and pasting until my clicker is worn out (and that's not as dirty as it
sounds) please let me know."


Rock a Bye Molly
In Mommy's Arms
Oh, how I love you
With all your charms

You are my darling
Sent from above
Sent here for me
to give All of my love

Rock A Bye Molly
In Mommy's Arms
I need to find wo-ords
That-at aren't charms

Singing and rocking
is what I do
Oh how I love You
Molly Moo Moo

**I do NOT like "gaining one hour" anymore. Both of my children were again awake at 6:15... Yuck.


Mommy said...

my child was up at 5:15....I lose!

Jessica said...

Only seems to be causing a problem for Eric, and he's going to bed when he should (and tired at that time). Hoping maybe it's the ear infection and he'll start sleeping the extra hour soon!

Sunshine said...

Come on now, you worked really hard for that button!! :)

Unknown said...

I had issues the 1st 2 days then it caught up to Regan AND of course you KNOW how I LOVE little gym - helped some too! GL

rebekca said...

You know, if you keep a few live plants around- that wouldn't seem so counter-productive.

I'd like to think of it more as a circle....of life. Enter Mufasa.

Congrats on your button! And love the songs. You seriously need to release a cd.