Saturday, November 17, 2007

Music News

These are the headlines I saw this morning as I brought up IE:
  • Katharine McPhee Engaged to man 19 years older than her
  • Kelly Pickler NOT smarter than a 5th grader... doesn't know Hungary is a country
  • Britney Read Light Video in Evidence

Really, these are the top stories of our Saturday? Well maybe my fault... maybe eonline shouldn't be my home page.

**EOnline is NOT my home page... that was a joke... Google Reader is my home page, duh.

Today is Parent Observation day at Aubrey's dance class, I am VERY excited and nervous about this. How will my child react to an audience... look here for updates later.

Looking for Monogrammed Notes: - you can get 50 lettersheets or note cards for 10 bucks with envelopes... that is a really good price. I have been looking...

And now to the silly song of the day:

A trip can be a quick ride in the car

A trip can be a long ride in the car

A vacation is where we stay at a different house to sleep

So please stop asking and don't make a peep

This is a trip -more like an errand, not a vacation

No we can not go on a vacation right now

I would love to, my dear but it can't be done

This is just a car trip and we are bound to have fun

if you stop asking me if we can take a "cation"

Look at the bright lights...

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rebekca said...

I love the "look at the bright lights" at the end!

that was awesome :)