Friday, November 23, 2007

My Back Hurts

We had a wonderful day! All food was ready at 4:00 and everyone helped out.

So the morning after I am thankful for:
My family and friends all pitching in and helping with every aspect of the day.
My husband for doing the finishing touches of cleaning the kitchen
Seeing Aubrey and Claire play so well together.
Molly being a complete joy.

Pictures and other information to come later this weekend. I am putting my feet up and vegging before the house stirs.

NaBloPoMo Day 1875:
I have no more songs. I am tapped out. There is no singing.

You are my daughters
I love you so
But if you don't listen
I just don't know.
I may have to jump
I may have to scream
My word is law
...Or used to be

But now you disobey
At every turn
And you don't listen
Oh does it burn
I may have to jump
I may have to scream
We all need to learn
...My word is law


rebekca said...

I think sometimes it helps to scream the law.

And sometimes it doesn't.

But it feels good :)

rebekca said...

OH! and I have one for you from my own personal archives of tunes that I sing to the boys...Only I'm no match for you. You take the cake...

But since y'all are so comfortable with the poopy pants, here is one that I sing when either Homer or Gabriel has poop. Whoever doesn't have the poop gets the song sung to them.

(to the old cheer, "Got Spirit, What")

It's ______(insert name), WHAT
It's ______, WHAT
What What What What
Brother's Got a Stinky Butt!
It's _______!