Friday, November 9, 2007

Sappy Squared

OK, while I was all "I am proud and excited for me"... it is so very very cool to have the OUTPOURING of support from all my friends and family!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS!! Totallying sitting at work, early, crying at my desk.

So I feel like introductions should be done...

College Roommates = Lydia and Jessica
Sister = Erica
Beam Buddies = MyReofSun aka Ali, Jenny, Kelly, Anne
Husband = rollingthunder
Honorary Beam Buddy and New Favorite Funny Person :) = Becky

Thank you everyone!


Mommy said...

Thanks for the introductions...but more importantly - ARE YOU GOING TO POST THE NEW PICS WHEN YOU GET THEM DONE?!

rebekca said...

Nice to meet y'all!

Now who's gonna tell me what a Beam buddy is?

Jenny said...

Hee hee, we "met" through a message board almost 4 YEARS AGO *sniff* when we were all pregnant with our firstborn. We were all due Sept '04 so we were named the September Sunbeams. It's a babycenter thing ;-)