Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Shhhh... the natives are resting

I am happy to report it is 6:23 and all is quiet on the Eastern Front.

I am also happy to report that 2 months ago we took 20 bins of "stuff" out of the attic. Last night we finished loading my car with everything that is going to Good Will and we put 15 EMPTY bins back in the attic. We are lightening our load, so to speak. And I almost have my dining room back for Thanksgiving.

Things are wonky with the job, I yelled at my hubby, and Thanksgiving is close and I haven't ordered the turkey... crazy right?!?!?

Song... melody stolen...
Good Morning Starshine
Let's start the day
Wipe the fog from your eyes
And let's get up and play.

Good Morning Aubrey
Let's start the day
The potty and our clothes
So what do you say

Good Morning Molly
My angle girl
It's time to say Hello
To this bright new world

Good Morning Daughters
Mommy's here
She is saying she loves you
And that she holds you dear


Mommy said...

We purged TONS AND TONS of stuff when we moved!! IT was great, of course now I have minimal pants, but its all good! Less stuff to move :)
I'm sure goodwill will be happy!

Unknown said...

Great job cleaning "out"! Great time of year to give it away! Thanksgiving will happen if I know you! :)

Jenny said...

I'm so jealous! I'm just trying to thin out the house - I don't even want to think of what is in the attic!!

Jessica said...

How did you get your hubby to buy into the idea of getting rid of stuff?!?! Mine always wants to add/replace stuff!! I need some coaching!

emily said...

My husband likes to throw my stuff away... his stuff finds a way of staying around or being sold and replaced...

BUT, I did have TONS of clothes that needed to be GONE and I am giving 2 huge bins of maternity clothes to a girl at work and once we know if my cousin is having a girl or boy we will know what to do with the 20 boxes of baby clothes... Good Will or Cindy :)

But slowly and surely since we got back from Maine we have really been making our house our home...

Jessica said...

Ethan wants a new freezer in the basement...I told him he had to clean the crap out of the corner where he wants it to go and keep it clean for 1 month. After being at home for a week, every item is still sitting in the corner.

rebekca said...

I think I had a sneeze fit at 6:something this morning.

And, I'm glad someone will benefit from your generous load!

The Christmas countdown is freaking me out TOO! But, it sure did light a fire under my tail...I bought 1 present already :)