Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday the 12th Or No Sleep for the Weary

I forgot to give Aubrey cough meds before bed... it wasn't pretty starting at 3am.

I found this awesome site about blogging! It has tons of great information and I can't wait to begin using some of it!

While I sing songs and silly songs all day to my kids and around the house I need to make sure it is VERY clear... I never said I was GOOD at singing. I am not saying I am tone deaf but I probably wouldn't get to the finals in American Idol.

You know in the American Idol opening shows of the season where they show the really bad and the really good and not really the "in the middle"... that is probably where I fall.

It is 5:30 am. I might try to go crawl back under the covers for 30 minutes since it is cold and rainy.

Oh, song per my NaBloPoMo promise.
Good Night my {Instert Molly or Aubrey}
Oh it's time to go
It's time for sleepies
Oh don't you know.

Good night my darling
Oh the moon has come
It's time for sleepies
the dreams have begun

Good Night my angel
Oh the time has past
For s'cuses and stories
But time for sleeping fast

Good Night I love you
more than you know
Good Night {Instert Molly or Aubrey}
It's time for me to go


Mommy said...

Yesterday at the grocery store, I thought of you as I was singing through every aisle with Tommy. He particuarly liked it when I pretended to be a train. (I felt like a moron - but nothing was thrown out of the cart!):)

rebekca said...

Well at the very least, you could do us all a favor and submit your lyrics to noggin.

Then maybe I wouldn't have to listen to the one's that some "genius" is scripting for Wow Wow Wubzy...

Unknown said...

I felt like you this morning with the whole - 'I could get just a couple more minutes' (insert: cough, cough, cough - gag, cough)UGH! Okay, fine I'm up!

Jessica said...

cough meds?? for small children?? aren't you worried about overdosing her?? :-)

Just kidding...the removal of cold medicine for small children is one of those things that ranks up on my highly ridiculous list. Along with recalling Bumbo seats because kids were falling out of them when parents left the child sitting unattended on a table top.

Mommy said...

What idiot puts their kid in a bumbo seat on a table? I always put Tommy on the counter! ha ha. Seriously...WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!?

emily said...

As an FYI, I have never used cold medicines (decongestants) with either of my girls... my doc had told me they were effective in less than 10% of children and were not worth the risks... BUT he did recommend Delsym for children OVER the age of 2 for coughs, but ONLY at night and only 1/2 tsp.

Delsym IS a wonder drug as far as cough suppresents go -for children and adults.

And I never had a Bumbo either...

Mommy said...

I thought some cold meds were ok for kids over the age of 3? Depending on their size?
And your little Christmas ticker is FREAKING ME OUT THAT I HAVE NOTHING DONE!