Monday, November 26, 2007

Contents of Busy Moms Purse

I am pretty sure that the contents of my purse say a lot about me and as I searched for change today I realized it has gotten out of control and I need an intervention.
  • 2 Small bags of peanutes
  • Neutrgena Lip Stuff
  • a beaded necklace that Molly was wearing
  • Loose M&M's everywhere
  • The Wizard of Oz DVD
  • 2 yellow envelopes - one with christmas receipts and one with coupons
  • my wallet - open and most of the contents dumped
  • a brush
  • motrin
  • nail polish
  • nail polish remover pads
  • a Venus Gillette Razor (huh?!?)
  • Crayones
  • 5 pens
  • Tide To Go Pen
  • eyeglass cleaner cloth thing
  • hand cream
  • hand sanitizer
  • matches
  • a pad of paper (small/cute)
  • paystub
  • old broken watch
  • old lipstick
  • tons of loose change
  • lansinoh wipes sample
  • One size 4 diaper (molly is in size 5)
  • sunglasses
  • my old wallet
  • ipod
  • ipod arm holder
  • earbuds
  • 5 lists from last week
  • 2 prescriptions I need to get filled for updated vitamins for the girls
  • a recipe for crab dip
  • Molly's 15 month stats the nurse wrote down for me
  • a knitting pattern
  • a childs winter hat (probably mine - the child, I mean)
  • business cards loose
  • business cards in the business card case

So, what's in your wallet/purse that is weird?


Jessica said... big is your purse?

Kelly said...

I know what jessica means...are you carrying around a gym bag as your purse???

I have nothing unusual...unless you think a plastic container full of green and red m&m's is weird. And I'm thinking most of the people who read your blog won't think that is strange.

Mommy said...

If Emily is still carrying her AWESOME purse - its pretty big. Mine is too, but the strangest things I have in there is dirty tissues, several random pieces of cereal (kix, I think), receipts, coupons, gum, gum wrappers, handi-wipes, a crappy memory card reader that doesn't work, wallet (intact - THANK YOU), small bag of lipstuff and hairthings, small wallet of discount cards, cold medicine, and a necklace I wore WEEKS ago!

Jessica said...

And the strangest thing I have in my purse is a corkscrew. Hey, a girl's gotta be prepared!

emily said...

I think I need a corkscrew! Good tip :)

Unknown said...

LOL - okay, you all have me rollin'!!! Strangest thing? uhm...2 little people characters (sarah lynne and I have no idea). My mini-purse is intact.

InTheFastLane said...

I may have to borrow your post idea as I finish up November. I think you need a picture of your gigantic purse.

Mommy said...

By the way...I'm wearing the necklace I found in my purse yesterday!!

anne watson said...

That is so funny....and presicely why I downsized into a purse that fits my cell phone, keys, wallet and a tube of lipgloss.

(oh and a set of 8 knitting needles and a crochet hook I've never taken out of the package)

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Okay, I'll see your purse and raise you...

Here we go:
Camera case
Purell bottle
Bottle of ibuprofen
Ziploc of dog motion sickness pills and pill dispenser
Origins Peace of Mind lotion
Key to mom's house
Toy race car
Clinique freebie purse mirror
Hallmark coupon
Crane leather note paper holder
Tube of YuBe hand cream
Gymboree coupon
Open Ricola cough drop bag - lots of cough drops "on the loose"
Tube of lip balm
Trish McEvoy lip balm
4 pens, one of which is in pieces
Two pkgs of tissue - both open (one with gum stuck in it)
Supersmile quickie no brush tube
Bottle of pills for my dog
Brighton card holder with tons of cards
2 dirty kleenex
Dry cleaner receipt
My overstuffed wallet full of receipts not money
13 wrappers for gum, cough drops and candy
Misc. other coupons
Dentist visit dental floss sample
Pad of Post-it notes - all written on
Business card of my new doctor
Package of gum - with no gum
Another package of gum - with some still left in it

So I'd venture to say you are completely NORMAL!!!

Oh, and I have a very normal sized Brighton hobo type bag...not saddle bags...