Friday, November 9, 2007

Random Assortment of Pictures

Nanny B and Molly
Arley Kisses!
Arley and Molly are SOOOO sweet together
Regal Max
One Singing Aubrey says La La La

No you say, that isn't right,

Why is Mommy Quoting Sandra Boyton

This late at night?

I dumped out all the toy bins and started organizing EVERYTHING last Sunday Morning.

Doug finished going through receipts from 1996 - not exagerrating, and filled up the bin!

It's so clean it looks EMPTY!


Mommy said...

Nana looks pretty darn good! And I am NOT surprised about the bin of receipts...We have a couple of boxes somewhere...

Jessica said...

I was trying to figure out if we had any of the same toys, but all i came up with was the Dyson :-)

Kelly said...

I would like to request Doug's services for receipt clean-up of 10+years.

Love the Aubrey La la la pic.

Mommy said...

I HAVE THE SAME DYSON....LOVE IT! Even though I HATE to vaccumm - I'll use the Dyson!