Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Stress and Such


Just feeling like there isn't enough time in a day, week, month, year.

Bullet Notes:
  • Google Reader - I have 10 unread Blogs to read... will probably not get to those tonight, I am sorry!
  • Lydia - if you want recognition for NaBlo... whatever you have to STATE that you are participating. I thought you were "too cool" to join and I have seen you post everyday! If you are in, I will acknowledge :) And I hope J gets his 4 day weekend! And T stops the whining!
  • Most of my songs are NOT country but more hip-hop which makes it worse I know. I will see if my darling hubby will cooperate and tape a song or two and I will post later this month
  • Molly had her 15 month check up - she is great! Doc is not worried about the not talking. Won't do anything until she is 2. She was in the 90th percentile for height and weight - (25 lbs 11.2 oz, 32.25 inches)

Things overheard in the Doc Office Today:

  1. Song - You are so squirmy, a squirmy squirmy girl. You move and groove and don't sit still, you are a squirmy girl.
  2. "CRAP, I didn't know you could open the door" As I run chasing Molly down the hallway
  3. "Ouch, I bet that hurt Molly" - Repeat 17 times as Molly rammed the stroller over her own foot and then backed herself into the coutner corner multiple times
  4. "WOW, you are strong" - Repeat - as Molly used her arms to pull herself off the floor and attempt to get on the examine table, as Molly climbed into a chair, picked up the stroller, etc
  5. "Ouch, my finger is not the grape" as I tried to keep Molly busy between the Doc visit and the shots - and she saw the grape in my hand and LUNGED for it.
  6. "My poor baby" as she got 4 shots and then screamed and then I handed her the entire bag of grapes and she was fine
  7. "huh, I never realized grapes were a great distraction of pain" to the nurse who laughed


Jessica said...

OK, so now I am envisioning Ross and Rachel singing the butt song on Friends...big smiles :) :) :)

Glad Molly had a good doctor visit...Ethan took Evan for his pneumonia follow and got to teach him how to pee in a cup. So glad he had Dad with him for that one!!

Unknown said...

I'm dying over the "crap, I didn't know you could do that" comment!! Too funny!

Unknown said...

Oh, sorry - Jessica - Baby Got Back! I remember that episode!

Jessica said...

yes,yes, Baby Got Back...thank you :-) I can totally picture this :-)

Mommy said...

That DOES make it funnier!
And NO - I am not too cool to join NaBloPoMo!

Jenny said...

okay, I can't wait to hear your songs. :-)

see the thing is that Molly is totally normal (in a totally spectacular way). she's just following in the footsteps of the AG which gives the appearance of lateness ;-) Does that make sense? It's not supposed to sound rude.

I hear ya on the NOT ENOUGH TIME! I've been suffering from that and lack of sleep. It's starting to get depressing.

Erica said...

Is the doctor not going to worry about talking until she's 2 because she's a second child? In other words, does that mean I don't have to worry about Arley until he's 2? Or is it different since he's an only child? Do you know what I mean? Just being a worried Mom because people are starting to say things to me about intervention.

anne watson said...

It is ridiculous that Molly is 15 months. :)

Mommy said...

Kids all develop differently....if your doc is not worried - then you shouldn't worry. And I find that ANY food is a good distraction!
Erica - we should get the kids together to play...Tommy LOVES to play with other kids! Maybe some of his talking will rub off...he talks A LOT. (I totally sympathize with Jess!)

Jessica said...

Erica - okay, I'm lost...why does Arley need an intervention?

And I agree w/jenny and it didn't sound rude at all. We have the same situation in our 2 child house, it just took a little while to get used to :)

rebekca said...

o.k., my boys are sixteen months old and Gabi's got "baba" down.

Homer says "uh-oh".

That's all we got.

I'm not worried. Sebi was a late talker, and now he's a GREAT talker:)

Erica said...

Thank you for your comments! Lydia, I am sure Arley would love to play with Tommy! Jessica, Arley is almost 18 months and only has a few unclear words. Rebekca, thank you! Your boys sound about like Arley. I'm sure they will all be fine.

Mommy said...

Didn't Em tell me that Arly recently got tubes in his ears? Does the Doc think that might be part of the reason he doesn't talk too much?

Erica said...

Arley got tubes June 22 and he was not hearing very well before that because of all the fluid in his ears. So, I thought that was the delaying factor and it may be. But apparently if that's all it is, they really should catch up very quickly once the hearing is corrected. Not sure what very quickly is. ??? We'll see what the doc says at his 18 mos appointment next week.