Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dear Friends and Family,

Dear Friends and Family,

I am very excited to have you coming to my house for Thanksgiving. I wanted to write you a letter and give you fair warning before you come.

While it sometimes appears I am organized and on top of stuff. I am not. My priority is always playing with girls above keeping on top of the vacuuming. I am hoping this prepares them really well for public school and germs. This doesn't mean I am not going to clean my house - I am. I took 2 days of vacation to get to that. As we "speak" (so to speak) I am washing all the linens in my house and finished vacuuming the upstairs and cleaning the bathroom downstairs. We are not a house of "stuff" lying around, it is not chaotic or disorganized that way at all.

Really I am warning you about me. And maybe this letter is really just for my poor darling husband.

See, when big stuff is coming up, especially stuff that I think impacts who I am as a person and how I will be perceived, I get stressed out. I. GET. STRESSED. OUT. I am not fun to be around. AT. ALL.

I worry about silly stuff (like how do I do seating for this?!?) I blow things up bigger than they need to be (like what do I do about the current phase Aubrey is going through). And I become distant to those I need the most (I am sorry honey!).

I think I have the food stuff under control. I think I have all the supplies I need. And I am pretty sure the house will be in "company" order. I have some great lists, some great recipes, and I have a little bit of time.

But when you come on Thursday:

  • Expect Children
  • Expect that maybe I haven't had my shower yet
  • Expect noise, expect laughter, expect tears and tantrums
  • Expect that my darling Aubrey will not behave
  • Expect to see Molly's exceptional temper
  • Expect to see pure joy in my children as they are surrounded by those they love
  • Expect me to NEED that glass of wine and cry at least once
  • Expect maybe I forgot the rolls (they are in the fridge 2nd shelf in a bag) and feel free to remind me (this is a family trait)
  • Expect a meal with friends and family - new and old - to give thanks

And maybe that is all I need to remember. That this isn't about me or how clean my kitchen floor is. This is about giving thanks for the blessings we have and how lucky we are to share the day with people we love.


Menu courtesy of Anne


Mommy said...

I love the fact that you can admit your flaws!! And I remember a party where you had all the serving dishes laid out at least the day before the party with LABELS in them!! I am jealous of your "lack" of organization!!

Unknown said...

I'm proud of you for seeing the situation for what it is and I hope that you do take the time to remember, this is all about friends and family and that is ALL! Menu looks great Anne!

Unknown said...

You know - you can always serve pizza if the food burns or catches fire (NOT THAT THAT WILL HAPPEN, just saying :) )

Jessica said...

You forgot to warn people about the flying shoes ;-) C'mon, you know you want to laugh!!

rebekca said...

ah, but it's all so fun- that entertaining nonsense.

the first time we had Megan and her husband Tim over for dinner, I had the table set with place cards that had everyone's initial

I think they still laugh at me to this day...

still fun, though :)

And I hope it all turns out spectacular! (sure it will)