Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday - I hope!

This week is going kind of slow and I haven't hit anything on my To Do list related to uploading pictures, blogging, computer clean up, etc.

BUT, we did finish cleaning out the family room and we got a new beautiful chaise for in front of the fire place. I am VERY excited about how great it looks.

And I know it will make some of you happy to know that I am starting to feel behind in my Christmas and Thanksgiving preparations.

I have been waking up around 4am every morning this week. I stayed in bed until 5:15 today though. Coffee is brewing... I love coffee. But I did go to bed last night at 9:30.

Bullet Notes:

  • Doug is a TRUE partner and is very involoved with the girls and everything they do
  • I have not even checked Google Reader, sorry friends, getting there
RSS Feeds are ways for your computer to MAGICALLY tell you when
a site you like has new content. Google Reader is ONE of the many ways to
collect those sites and have a condensed view of everything that is new.
SO... I have all my blogging friends listed in Google Reader and each morning it
shows me who has new content, and can even give me the content without having to
actually GO to all those sites... but I still have to go to those sites to
comment :) On most blogspot pages, at the bottom there is something that
says, SUBSCRIBE: ATOM... click that button on a site you like and the RSS link
comes up, feed that link (copy and paste) into like a Google Reader (eash and
free - and TA DA... NOW... for BECKY...
when you update the SIDE BAR content it is not caught... only main content
. which is kinda smart... cause I have to go to your site everyday cause you are too funny :)
  • I am wearing my new dress to work today and I am very excited about
  • We have a full fun packed weekend coming up!!
  • The coffee beeped so I have to make this really quick
  • Molly is feeling a little better - spiked a fever yesterday from the shots so I picked them up early yesterday.

Song - TOTALLY stolen from a classic...

You are my sunshine

My AUBREY sunshine

You make me happy

OH Every Day

I hope you know Aubrey

How much I adore you

And in my heart you will al-always stay

PS My entire family is awake and dressed and it is 6:15... well hubby is still in PJ's... and I am wearing sweats not my dress... but you see where I am going here and it ain't pretty.


Mommy said...

Today, I am wearing OLD pants that did NOT fit me last year - sometimes I think that is a better feeling than new pants, don't you?
Did someone think that Doug was un-involved?

Kelly said...

thanks for the google info!!

rebekca said...

I can't believe you wrote all that by 6:15. AM

I'm officially challenging myself to get up one morning this month and do an early morning post...wait, I'll just stay up late like usual and do it then.

Hope the dress makes you feel even more beautiful!

And THANK YOU for pulling me out of the dark with the whole techie jive.

...and I may have to start hiding things somewhere in the side bar like I used to- so you would have to find them... ;)