Friday, November 9, 2007


Please take a minute to sign this petition.

This is about Nancy Nord, this is about our children, this is about toys and childhood and safety.

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How can this toy slipping through the cracks be explained away? Why do these toy companies working in tandem with the CPSC take a retroactive approach? Why does the CPSC get up to 30 days to sort out problems with toy manufacturers while childrens' safety continues to be at risk? Part of the reason why is that the CPSC only has one toy inspector inspecting toys for the entire country. And its acting director, Nancy Nord has not only accepted perks and kick-backs from toy companies (like industry-financed travel), but refuses to let Congress empower her agency. Why wouldn't she want more help, especially now?!

I encourage you to write to your congressperson telling them Nord must go and then learn how the candidates you support for president will address this crisis. I

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