Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Day Q3

Who in your family is most likely to need to unbutton their pants by the end of dinner?

One year in Doug's family - I was not there thankfully - they all stepped on the scale BEFORE dinner and then AFTER dinner. I believe Doug did gain the most in that one hour.

Running to catch my fresh turkey, will update later with my NaBloPoMo stuff.

I caught my turkey! YAY :)

NaBloPoMo promised silly song:

Aubrey and Molly

We're having fun

We are driving in the car

Oh, I see the sun.

Aubrey and Molly

Sisters all the way

Please stop biting

And show her the way

Aubrey and Molly

Your mama loves you

We're gonna read books

And we're gonna color blue

Aubrey and Molly... and you see how I just keep going here.


Mommy said...

I think if you stop and consider who is coming to my'll know the answer! (I sound VERY cryptic, don't I?)

Kelly said...

If my brother-in-law comes, then he might need to do so. However, David loves Thanksgiving food...he may have to change into some stretchy pj pants.

Unknown said...

I know I probably have but I don't think that I'm the most likely one to do it! Makes you think though!

Jessica said...

I'm going to have to say Ethan!

rebekca said...

Sebastian. For sure.