Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Randomness and Day 5

I love NaBloPoMo because when I login to google reader I see all my friends have come out to play! YAY :)

I see some good ideas about how to post when you don't know what to post...
  • Life 2.0 is doing the A, B, C's so every day she starts with the next letter of the alphabet.
  • Last year Mocha Mama started with "You Should", this year it is just randomness
  • Ali is doing a song
  • Kelly is keeping us up to date with the family and cuteness
  • Becky is just keeping us rolling...
  • I am, of course, just being silly and proving what a dork I can be for all the world to see

Anyone see NCIS last week... totally creepy and GOOD. Missed Pushing Daisies due to Trick or Treating and need to catch back up.

Hollywood Writers Strike... I guess I will miss the Colbert Report but that is it?!?!

Aubrey, Molly, and I are struggling with the time change. Doug seems to be handling it well.

Lori-Anne and I made an executive decision today. Aubrey is no longer allowed to wear dresses to "school". She has been refusing to wear leggings or tights and it is getting too cold to continue this fight and I am too tired of fighting. LA has agreed to be the bad guy and tell Aubrey the new rule. So only at night and on the weekends can she wear dresses.

And now for the promise....


This one is always different, every time I sing it and really is to give you an idea - I do some form of this every day for Aubrey, Molly, Maxie, Mommy, etc.

My name is Molly

and I'm cute as CAN BE

I like my Mommy

and I like my DAD DY

I have a sister Aubrey

and she don't share WIT ME

But I have fun

No matter who's WIT ME

My name is Molly

and I'm cute as CAN BE

I like my Mommy

when she plays on her TUM MY

And you see how this goes on and on and on...


Kelly said...

Alright. You NEED to video tape you singing your songs and post that. That way we know the tunes, too. :)

Jessica said...

I just realized all your songs are probably sung in a country music-y I right?

Mommy said...

Wait a minute...I have posted EVERY day this month...where's my kudos!
And I think Jess is right....I can hear your country music-y style all the way down here!

rebekca said...

Well, these just get better and better.

I do need tunes, though. You're gonna have to do a video singing...or just release your cd, you pick.