Friday, November 9, 2007

NaBloPoMo Friday

So while I have posted multiple times today, I have not done my promised "silly song" I sing to the girls...

Last night to Aubrey while she was fighting bedtime...

Aubrey, Aubrey you're so fine
You look like a child of mine
But something happened
And you're not happy

Yelling and Fighting is not the way
Not the way to end our day
But my words don't help
And you're not happy

Aubrey it's like you were hit
with a great big whining stick
But how does it stop
Can I make you happy?

and then there was lots of ticking, hugging, kissing - while Aubrey yelled, "NO MORE KISSES MOMMY" and forgot to be angry and we read some nice stories.

Doug and I are trying MORE AND MORE to be less frustrated and more focused on distracting and defusing the situations that Molly and Aubrey get into. It has lead to a much nicer week!

AND we have started to explaining to Aubrey that we do get frustrated and why, and what we expect and how she can help resolve situations more quickly... I think it is an interesting approach... and yes she is only 3 but... I will keep you posted.

**Catwalk Update**
I had my photos taken during my lunch break... I will let you know if they send them to me :) I had fun!

**Template Change*
I went back to the original 'cause the pink and NARROWNESS was driving me crazy.


Mommy said...

you are a funny girl....
i hope that the girls' baby books are FULL of these!

Kelly said...

We are also trying to distract and not get frustrated. It makes things happier around here, but man-oh-man! It is hard work!! :)

rebekca said...

Is that one country, or hip-hop?

Whichever, I love it!

Jessica said...

I love the part about the whining stick, I may have to use that one around here!!

Jenny said...

I'm glad for the template change, sorry :-) For the same reasons you mentioned.

I feel your frustrated pain. I went and borrowed ScreamFree Parenting from the library. I kid you not.

Your pictures were awesome and I totally think they need to see that wedding dress one!