Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pressure, Waffles, and Girl Stuff

I will be really glad when NaBloPoMo is over, the pressure of wondering if I posted or not, being creative every day... I am tired. Oh, wait tomorrow is the last day... that was easy.

I have to have a minor procedure done on Friday Dec 7. No big deal, very girl related but it is annoying as I now can not run in the 5K I was signed up for - my first in 5 years. Outpatient thing at GBMC, they put me under "twilight sleep". Blah. If you want the girly details I will be happy to share... just email me :) If you need my email address let me know that to.

Apparently once you indent you can never go back. I am tired of fighting Blogger. I may have to try Google Documents or whatever that is...

Also, anyone tried the Mobile Blogging. I did but it posted to some random other blog so haven't quite gotten that down yet.
Most of the content above was written after the below but due to the formatting issue was cut and paste above.

LA informed me last night that Aubrey told HER that Chotty and Kalli are sisters and that Kalli is the younger sister and doesn't listen. Hmmmmmm.

Doug made waffles for breakfast this morning. Molly goes crazy for them. Aubrey didn't want the syrup that was on the table so I had Doug get the new bottle out and opened it. I didn't want to fight about which sugary substance she put in her mouth with her wonderful waffles. There were already discussions regarding her shirt, her pants, and I knew there would be discussions about shoes, socks, coat... so why fight about opening the maple syrup before the old one was done???

And as a side note, Aubrey did choose her shirt and pants and does not
match. I got new winter hats from LL Bean and had her open the package so she was VERY excited and wore her hat and was soexcited I was able to get her coat on her and zipped before she realized it.


Mommy said...

Hmmm..waffles. It must be nice to have time in the morning (or a husband who is awake and functioning!) to make them....
And some fights are just not worth least Aubrey is clean, dressed and eating something for breakfast!

InTheFastLane said...

Ah yes, we do a lot of "picking your battles" at my house. Waffles do sound go. I hope your procedure goes fine.

Unknown said...

We had choc. chip waffles for dinner the other night - must be in the air! Awesome on getting the coat and access. on so quickly with no battles.

Jessica said...

Very jealous of your waffles...most of the house is still sleeping when I leave! But we do have Sunday morning pancakes, which makes it all worthwhile :-)

rebekca said...

I'm with you on the Blah-Blah-Blah-PoMo. because I feel like that's what it's come to on my end!

oh, you're having surgery?

WHAT?!! You know you could have milked like 4 posts out of that one with just little tids and bits...not to be confused with tits and beer.

And I would ABSOLUTELY believe Chotty. I mean. The girl can turn herself into a bear and a pink puppy.

Is lying even a necessity with someone that unique?

I think not.