Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Xmas Pictures are Coming!

We are headed to Picture People in a few hours, I will update with how many pounds I lose trying to get the kids corralled and smiling...

NaBloPoMo... Becky put me to shame and I will have to think of something better over the next few days... but in the meantime:

Here is a song that AUBREY made up last night at the dinner table (we were at a restaurant):
You are my best friend
I will eat you
boddy boo boo
sa diddy do boo
I love you, my best friend
sa diddy dooo boooo
ba diddy ba doo
I love you so much
you like my noodles
sa diddy ba dobby doodles



Mommy said...

hmm...I wonder where she gets THAT from???

InTheFastLane said...

Good luck with the pictures! Just thinking about going to the mall with the three kids makes my skin crawl.

Erica said...

Very creative song. Was she singing to Chachi? LOVE the pictures!

rebekca said...

That apple hasn't even fallen off the tree...

that was very entertaining and SERIOUSLY cute!