Tuesday, January 22, 2008

13 or 35 - You Decide

Apparently the "phrase" of the boys ski weekend had to do with Caucus.

As in, "we all sat around and held our own "caucus"".

Or "I have the biggest "caucus""

Or "My caucus is bigger than your "caucus"

Or "Iowa held a large "caucus"".

Or "Hilary won a big "caucus".

Or "Hilary Clinton has the largest "caucus" in her grasp"

But really? These guys are responsible husbands, most have children, they all have good jobs and are relatively normal members of society... and I used the word "member" so I am sure they will laugh at that.

I am glad the boys got a chance to enjoy each other, take a break from the everyday and bond. And I am glad I didn't have to hear about "caucus" all weekend.

And the BEST part... I now know what I am getting Doug for Christmas for many years to come.


Mommy said...

My vote is 13. Em - you do realize what happens to men when they are surrounded by only other men? They get stupid....in various ways.
Glad he had fun...what did he think of the paint?

Sunshine said...

My husband is the same: responsible, good job, serves on executive boards of charity things....and yet, still horrifically stuck in junior high when it comes to certain things. Sounds like they'd get along just great!

InTheFastLane said...

Heee...of course me and the girls had hours of laughs about a "conch" shell, one day at the beach.

Unknown said...

Obviously a big hit with all the boys! Wonder what 13 yo word they can come up with for next year!

Erica said...

What the caucus their problem?

rebekca said...

I do hope they chose a head for the caucus. Because there is nothing worse than a loose member.

Anyhoo, it's best it was a weekend for the men. That way they all go home having stroked their egos.

Sarcasta-Mom said...

Hehehehe caucus. Sometimes it's fun to be immature.

Kelly said...

He said, "caucus". Huh, huh, huh.

Rollingthunder said...

These are freekin hysterical! You should all take this show on the road. Rebecka takes the cake though, How many people can use Caucus and Member so eloquently?

What if all members of the conch family held their own caucus?