Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Chotty Died

Lori-Anne just called to tell me that Aubrey just told her that Chotty died, is in heaven with God and that she is really going to miss her.

LA tried to explain to Aubrey that in her imagination she can have Chotty do happy things but Aubrey insisted she was dead and that she didn't get Christmas presents and had a party and Aubrey couldn't go and died.

Thoughts on how I handle this one???


Unknown said...

Does AG know that LA called you and told you? I was going to say wait for AG to pick up the conversation but maybe not, maybe tomorrow you ask her how Chotty is and see where the conversation goes?! GL

rebekca said...

First of all, I need to grieve for Chotty.

I'm gonna miss her. She always put a smile on my face. And thank goodness that you documented your child's incredible imagination for her to look back on years later. (copy and paste the chotty headlines on the side-bar into a post before they are lost and gone)

As for your dear Aubrey. I'm with the previous post. Maybe wait for her to initiate it,

or ask when their next playdate might be so that you can give her the Christmas gifts that you have saved under your bed for Chotty???

Just a suggestion. No suggestion as to what gifts you must come up with and frantically stash under your bed, though :(

Hope it goes well.

Mommy said...

How does she know what died means?? Isn't she a little young for this part of the imaginary friend thing????

anne watson said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Poor Aubrey! That is very very sad!

Maybe "Amigo" can come over from our house to keep Aubrey company and console her after the loss of Chotty....sniff sniff