Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Handsome Prince

Last night our friends drove the 7 hours to visit with us. It all started with an email around the 1st of the year about the fact that our youngest children have not met... I am sure Jess now understands why we don't go out much.

Our dog was, for lack of a better word, an ass. And kept licking children's faces. This wasn't good, especially for Eric who had a reaction to Max's saliva... And then Molly woke up and did this weird breathing freaking out thing and I SERIOUSLY thought she was going to have a seizure. Aubrey's welcome to Evan proved a little to aggressive. She comes on a little strong when excited.

But after that tricky 45 minutes or so I think we had a good time. I participated in about 12 conversations - didn't finish one of them. Jess, did we get to talk for more than 5 minutes total?

Favorite part of the evening?

1) Aubrey came in the kitchen and asked me to help her with her princess dress because, "me and evan are playing princesses". I said, does he need a dress? And she says, "no, Evan is the Handsome Prince". DUH.
Princess Twirls, a Prince, and A Moo.

2) Aubrey and Evan are playing in her room upstairs. There is some scuffle over who pushed who, it gets easily resolved, and Evan had GRACIOUSLY gotten a different princess for Aubrey from her closet. Evan was holding it and Aubrey came over and asked me for it and I told her to go ask Evan. So she walks over to Evan and says, "Evan, can you help me put this on". Evan says, "I don't know how to put on Dresses". So I help her and Jess and I are CRACKING up.


Eric and Molly

Making their own pizzas!

Pizza making 2

"The other daddy" (per Aubrey) and Molly


Mommy said...

Sounds like a good night! Tommy was the fireman to Abbey's princess last time we went to Kelley's!!
Hopefully - they ALL nap today...inlcuding you!

Jessica said...

Aww...poor Max. Maybe he was just excited to have so many boys in the house for a change ;-)

Thanks for having us over...even though it wasn't the most relaxing visit, it was still a good time and we enjoyed seeing you guys.

InTheFastLane said...

Sounds like Evan was sure a good sport!

rebekca said...

I love the twirling princess photo. You can really see the twirl.