Sunday, January 6, 2008

Convos with My 3 Year Old

This morning we were watching a Dora show in bed before everyone was ready to get out of bed. It was about Dora's puppy (perrito). After the show Aubrey turned to me and said:

"When Max is dead can I have a perrito"

A few days ago I went in to get Aubrey up for school and before her eyes were open she was saying very frantically, "where are the bugs, the bugs, the bugs". So I talked to her about using her imagination for NICE dreams and maybe having kitty cat dreams. The next day, "Aubrey did you have a good sleep". She shakes her head yes and then says,

"actually mommy the bad kitties killed the good kitties in my

Um, where is she learning this language and what is an appropriate response??? No one close to us has died - except Chotty of course. And all the research about death and the 3-5 age ranges indicates that it is not a "permanent" state in their minds. But come on... is this normal???

*More on the 81 lb box tonight or tomorrow morning, I promise :)


InTheFastLane said...

I used to worry alot about the things Violet would come up with when she was little (like the day all her Barbies has "naked day"). But, i realized after a while that she just has a great imagination. Such is the reason that she has a career goal as an author right now.

It is possible she is worrying about death in some way, or maybe she just gets a great reaction from people when she talks about death. I wouldn't worry too much, though, at this point.

Jessica said...

Evan seems to have a lot of knowledge about death, and I have no idea where it comes from. Not a hot topic on the Disney Channel, we rarely ever have the news on in front of the kids...and it's not like has asked basic things like where does someone go when they die; I might understand that. Instead he is playing with his castle/dinosaurs and has them killing each other.

So, I'm as puzzled as you :-) But not too stressed about it. Except the time he was playing with the nativity set and everyone was killed except the angel. That was a little disturbing.

rebekca said...

forget the dead talk.

The Child Is Bilingual!!!

Seriously, I think she'll be fine.

Kelly said...

I don't have any advice for you. Sorry. Maybe she doesn't quite know what "dead" is...

Maybe Max needs a perrito while he's still around.