Thursday, January 24, 2008

How 2 Dollars Changed My Life

I have a three year old. She has very pretty, curly, blonde hair. We have trimmed it twice and have decided to leave it be for now because we really do not want to lose those curls (and her daddy loves her hair). Every morning we hear, "that hurts, that hurts, mommy that really hurts" about 700 times and that is just when I am 3 feet away picking UP the brush. It is not pleasant for anyone. And it isn't like I am just yanking a brush through her hair. I gently grab each section and try to hold it where I am pulling, but still "that hurts, you are hurting me mommy".

Some women I work with came into town and we had to hit Rite Aid. I was looking at the brush options and these wonderful women guided me to a 2 dollar blue large plastic comb. They walked me through what they think I should do. I also picked up a boar bristle brush.

I got home late that night and I "wrapped" up the new comb and brush. In the morning I told Aubrey I had a "princess" surprise for her. She opened them and was excited when I explained that this is how Princesses did their hair. So I combed her hair out - not one PEEP. I even asked, "does this hurt"... NOPE. And then I used the boar bristle brush -and amazing. It didn't hurt AND it got the pony tail all smooth so I didn't have to redo 18 times.

Now no hastle, no whining, no 10 minutes to do her hair! AND I am allowed to brush her hair at night and in the morning so it is looking much shinier! YAY!

Although I can't get too comfortable... Molly has a completely different kind of hair than Aubrey, different in color, texture, growth pattern, thickness...

Aubrey's First Hair Cut - March of 2007


Mommy said...

EXCELLENT thinking! May every hair brushing day be like today!!

Jessica said...

Arggh...once again, I can't see pictures, but clearly other people can.

And I seriously thought you had bribed her to let you brush her hair and I was wondering how you were going to keep up with $2 a day :-)

Sunshine said...

Can you link this magical amazing brush. My girls piss and moan about me "hurting" their hair too. LINK IT....please!!!!

Unknown said...

I hear the same words out of Regan's mouth so I try very hard to brush it at night and morning so that the knots get out sometime or another. But then I have a child who doesn't like her hair up and so food, drink and whatever else gets in there and it is HARD to get it out! This week she has asked for it up in front twice - OMG!!!, I think hell is freezing over!

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Jennifer was a tenderhead when she was a little girl too. Your "princess" idea is perfect - same product, new packaging, stellar result! Go, go, Gadget Mommy!

"In every task that must be done, there is an element of fun - you find the fun and SNAP! the job's a game!"
-Mary Poppins, the ORIGINAL Supernanny

rebekca said...

I think my mom used to use something called No More Tangles by J&J that worked wonders.

I'm curious to look at the chemicals in it now, though.

Only because I haven't seen it in years. But, then again, I don't have any little girls so I generally don't walk through the hair product aisle much.