Saturday, January 19, 2008

That Can't Be Good

Last night after I put the kids to bed, I was sitting in a VERY quiet house and noticed a very loud grinding noise from the basement. I knew it was the well pump - but it was way more "metal on metal" grinding sounding than normal. "That can't be good" I thought.

I called my Father In Law to validate that YES the pump is loud and to get some advice on making sure no water was "leaking" and no toilets were running to make sure it wasn't going off unnecessarily.

I called my husband who said "yeah, that pump is almost dead I was going to replace it next week sometime". Um. nice.

Today at 11:27 while serving the girls lunch I went to run some water on the dishes and yeah, NO WATER came out. No noise from the basement.


So I called my friend (who is the boss of the guys painting today). He has the stomach bug but is having his wife pick up a pump and will be over later. I feel so bad for him but so relieved.

I started to have a full on melt down but come on... someone is coming to fix it - someone I can count on and trust. How great is that? And if that doesn't fix it I can always go stay at a number of friends or families houses - and the offers have already started pouring in :) (Ha. Pouring). So my pity party only lasted about 10 minutes.

Max has also been favoring his left front leg (it could be he just wants extra love from Grandy since he is staying with her :)). My friend's wife is a vet. Yeah they are coming in handy... she recommended a couple aspirin and see if that helps. Good to know. Dogs can't have motrin but can have 2 adult aspirin. And if it makes a difference, one a day after that.

This is a letter from Aubrey to Daddy:

And speaking of daddy - they had a full day skiing, a great evening and apparently had an INSANE time on the snow mobiles but all are safe.

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rebekca said...

I love it when friends make the worst situations fun. Like,
"come over and we'll drink margaritas and you won't even remember your troubles" kindof thing.

love that.