Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Comments, Crafts, Contests - UPDATE

Thank you so much for the love sent my way after my post this morning. Thank you. I posted that without thinking it was so crazy or impossible but that it was so...well... MOTHERLY. That is what a mom does. Period. There is no other choice. And the strength, patience, reduced gag reflex are all given when needed.

I like easy contests, especially ones where I can show off my family... check it out but if you win you have to share.

NEW ADDITION: Another easy contest HERE. Just comment on this site and you could win a book I am sure we could all use at some point :)

So I am totally going to buy all the supplies to do this and then NOT do it in 2008, but try and say I was going to. Cause remember, this where I mention this? Well, I bought everything but the buttons. I went to 5 stores... 5 stores and could not find BAGS of buttons. And I haven't gotten around to actually buying them online. So I will get to that... someday.

Hubby made pressure cooker meat sauce, home made pasta and it was yummy! Kudos, thank you!

It is 7:45, both kids are asleep and I am going to try and be asleep by 8:15pm. No seriously, I am.


Anonymous said...

um, was one of those stores Joanne Fabrics? But I would think Michael's would have buttons too. Weird.

Jessica said...

1. It scares me that the prize is "a wonderful bath set for your papering needs"

2. Pressure cookie meat sauce sounds either really scary or really good ;-)

3. I have spent way too much time looking at documents for typos/grammar errors today...

emily said...

Matt - Funny, Yes Joanne Fabrics, Michael's, Hobby World, a different Michael's and a weird Joanne's that was actually a BACK store?? Don't ask. They don't have Bags O Buttons... CRAZY, they have buttons, but not bags of them.

Jess - Blah to you and your editing.

Unknown said...

you wouldn't think that buttons would be that hard to get but now that I'm thinking of it I don't know that I have seen Bag O Buttons either.

Rollingthunder said...

The Cuisinart electric pressure cooker from Williams Sonoma is turning out to be awesome. Cuts cooking time down by like 50-70%.

Spaghetti meat sauce from scratch - 45 minutes.
Pulled pork - 60 minutes (typically would take all day!)

Also, I just wanted to show my appreciation for Em's crafts. The kids LOVE it, and it is so good for their imagination.

Dot said...

Hiya! Thanks for the link... cute blog! Really, the hardest part of the lip balm project is getting around to buying the materials--i should have ordered mine online. After that, it's easy!
Good luck, and let me know if you try it!