Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Are You Ready?

So say you are a woman, in her childbearing years. Can you do the following and not cry but have your heart full of love?

Pre Test Qualification:
1) Do you have a fever?
2) Are you overworked/over stressed/over tired?

If you answered Yes to both questions please proceed.

Can you, at 9:30 pm, snuggle a crying unreasonable 1 year old (1yo)drop her lovingly to head into a 3 year old (3yo) room that is puking from coughing so hard? Can you catch that puke in your hands and avoid cleaning any linens?

Can you at 11pm go back into 3yo room for more puking snuggle with her, explain what is happening and step in an unknown pile of puke without reacting?

Can you not question why a 3yo doesn't chew up blueberries and why her aim to hit the newly washed pile of clothes you had placed by her door to put away in the morning was so on target?

Can you at 3am with unbelievable Mommy radar, go in to check on 3yo and see that she is sleeping through her cough and wetting her bed. Get her out of bed - with loud protest - start a warm bubble bath to entice her to quit yelling, "but I am so sleepy" and clean up while changing the sheets, running the wash, making the bed, and trying to find a good alternative to the 2 blankets she usually sleeps with?

Can you put a dress up dress and tights on your 3 yo after her bath because there are no more kitty cat PJs and the 4 other sets of PJ's we take out and try to put on just will not do and deal with the crocodile tears while giving into the inappropriate bedtime attire?

Can you snuggle with your 3yo while she asks you why you have "colors" and "lines" on your tummy because your shirt road up and your stretch marks are somehow very visible in the dark?

Can you rub her back and tell her you love her while trying to get her to sit up while she sleeps while she pushes and says she will "sleep myself on myself" meaning HER way?

Can you get her as comfortable as possible and try to remember that you need to be loving and understanding when your husband wakes up the next morning and says, "what, it isn't my fault I didn't wake up"?

Can you email work to explain that while yes you are overworked and over stressed and have deadlines you will not be working TODAY? Knowing this means you will be working the next 5 Saturdays?

Can you do all of this with love in your heart? Can you do all of this and your only wish is that there were no tears, no pain, no confusion for your 3yo?

If so then you are more than ready to be a mom! Congratulations and God Speed.

Updated at 9:24 am. Molly has been taken to "school" as she was totally fine this morning. Cutting 4 eyeteeth is her big challenge right now and she was constipated but that issue worked itself out this morning :) Aubrey is watching Beauty and the Beast and will be heading for a nap in time for an 11am conference call!


InTheFastLane said...

Oh man! I think you deserve a good cry, or two, or three. Or maybe just a stiff drink :) I hope things are better today.

Erica said...

Holy Crap! Are you kidding me?! I'm not having any more kids! I'm not good enough for this.

Mommy said...

I think you need to borrow Jess's BIG GLASS! GODSPEED to you today! Sometimes I am jealous of what a heavy sleeper Daddy is!! Aren't you??

Unknown said...

All I can say is "UGH!" But it is much easier for me to be WAY lenient when she is sick compared ot when she is just being defiant to be defiant.

Jessica said...

You are one heck of a mommy...I would not have had the sense or energy to do the bath/wash and there would have been a frustrated storming into our bedroom to get Dad's butt out of bed at some point.

No one prepared me for child puke...the first time I just threw everything in the wash and then was picking food out of my washer/dryer for the next week.

Kelly said...

You need a hug.

I hope you know what an amazing mother/wife/friend you are.

I thought I was having a bad day yesterday, and I appreciated you loving comment this morning (as well as all of my other comforting comments). But then I pop onto your site and see what a yucky night and morning you had~~my yesterday seems like a vacation compared to your night. I feel for you and Aubrey.

YOU are so loved by your friends. Thank you for sharing all that you do on your blog.

Mommy said...

I'm with Jess - I did the same thing...and it was INFANT puke - so the pieces were WAY small!
Hope the day keeps getting better... those movies are your BEST friends right now!!

Amy W said...

I really, really hate teeth..

And yes, wow.

rebekca said...

That's a serious mommy radar you've got going. Sounds like it was a loooonnnggg night!

Hope you get more rest tonight!